b. 1986, HK.

Photo:  Kelly O

Photo: Kelly O

β€œIn Jana Brevick's hands, the prosaic household object or tool is transformed into a gem. The resulting work juxtaposes a high level of metal craftsmanship with a droll tongue-in-cheek delivery. With a nod to Man Ray, these wry "chance meetings" are often accompanied by twists on scale and proportion that challenge conventions of wearability. 

Brevick is insatiably curious about the world and beyond. Her ongoing research into mathematics and the natural sciences forms the basis for many of her pieces. In her work, an awe for the history of scientific discovery and innovation is offset by her fascination with the beauty of obsolete technologies. Employing a visual language that is simultaneously anachronistic and futuristic, the artist tackles universal themes: from the alchemy of merging creative and scientific processes, to the Romantic journey of the individual into the sublime.”  

--Jennifer Navva Milliken

Jana grew up moving with her project engineer father and spending time backstage with her director mother. The Netherlands and Colombia, California, Idaho, Indiana and Tennessee were a few of the places she lived before studying at University of Idaho, Western Washington University and University of Washington. You can find her working in Seattle with Soil Gallery or on Capitol Hill at Pound Studios.

CV available upon request.

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